Frequently Asked Questions

We hear these questions from patients like you. Click on a question to find out the answer.

  • What is CirraFi?

    CirraFi is a patient payment clearinghouse that alerts patients to pay their outstanding medical debts and offers them discount incentives to get them paid.

  • How can I view my outstanding medical debts?

    You will need a CirraFi reference number to access your outstanding medical accounts. A reference number can be obtained from a subscribing provider or by contacting CirraCheck - online at, or by phone at 855-821-4337.

  • What if I lost my reference number?

    Not a problem, a reference number can be obtained from a subscribing provider or by contacting CirraCheck - online at, or by phone at 855-821-4337.

  • Does CirraFi’s data reveal any personal medical information such as procedures or medical codes?

    No. The data provides basic billing information such as provider name, account number, date of service and remaining balance.

  • How long is my debt reported in the database?

    The debts are reported for up to 7 years or until paid (whichever comes first).

  • Do these outstanding accounts damage my personal credit?

    CirraGroup itself does not report to traditional credit bureaus. Individual medical providers may have their own policies.

  • Does CirraFi offer any financial services?

    CirraFi works closely with participating providers to offer discount incentives. If you have too much debt to pay off all accounts owed, you can pay off individual accounts over a period of time. Payments can be made with a credit/debit card or mailed to PO Box 52236, Lafayette, LA 70505-2236. No partial account payments are accepted at this time.

  • Is my personal information and billing information safe?

    Yes, we're committed to safeguarding your information. In addition to utilizing security technology, we have a security officer to monitor our IT security system and procedures.
    Our information security management system is currently ISO/IEC 27001:2005 certified, validating that our IT security system follows best practices.

  • Do I have to pay the total balance in full?

    Currently, CirraFi requires payment for all 'Payable Online' debt at once. Settlement amounts are non-negotiable.

  • My account was locked out, now what do I do?

    To protect your privacy, if the system detects 2 failed sign-in attempts, it will lock you out for about 10 minutes. Try again later, or contact CirraFi’s Call Center at 855-813-0457 to reset your account.

  • How does the healthcare cooperative database obtain my medical debts?

    The healthcare cooperative database uses a professional crowdsourcing model in which subscribing providers contribute and share patient payment data with other subscribers.